About the Shot Clinic

We’re here to empower you to take your best shot at life. Get professional care for you and your family from the top-rated team in central Arkansas!

Little Rock’s Original Shot Clinic

Locally-owned and operated, The Shot Clinic opened in 2013 as Arkansas’s first convenient care clinic. The Shot Clinic’s founder, Kara Wright-Woller, and Medical Directors are healthcare pioneers who recognized the need for convenient medical care from a highly-qualified team of professionals. From day one, we’ve been putting personalized health and wellness solutions at your fingertips!

Today, we provide a wide range of personal healthcare solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. You don’t need an appointment to walk in and experience the excellent care our team provides. Led by Lisa Roberts, RN BSN, and staffed with quality healthcare professionals, our clinic is ready to serve you with a time-honored commitment: to empower you to take control of your health and wellness and live a full life where you feel your best.

Founded in West Little Rock in 2013

Locally owned & operated

The first “Convenient Care Clinic” of it’s type in Arkansas

Now part of the Cornerstone Pharmacy family

Lisa Roberts, RN, BSN
Clinic Manager
Shalonda Holmes

Medical Assistant

The best team in Arkansas

Our team of healthcare professionals puts your health and wellness first. We empower our patients to seize the day and take their best shot at life! Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals come together to offer you the best treatment and consultation experience possible. We are all committed to sending you back into the world – whether you’re traveling, getting back to work, or sending kids back to school – feeling your best!

We have you covered

You don’t need an appointment to experience great care! We’re here to answer your questions and get you started on a journey to feeling your best. Walk in or call ahead to discover the difference our team makes in the lives of Arkansans every day!