Wellness Shots

Vitamin B12 B-ComplexBiotinVitamin D3 DexamethasoneEdgeGlutathione hCG GOALImmune BoostLeanLypoMIC B12SermorelinSinus cocktailTestosterone Tri-Immune 

Fatigue, allergies, weight gain, muscle soreness and pain from exercise, and seasonal sinus distress are all conditions that can be combated with wellness shots! Our wide variety of vitamins, immune boosters, and other natural and medical solutions can help you feel your best. Let the experts at The Shot Clinic help find the right solution to energize and empower you to seize the day!

For Health

A revitalizing blend of B12, B-Complex, Biotin, and Vitamin D, created to decrease inflammation and boost your immune system.

For Pre/Post Workout

Get energized with a combination of Edge and GOAL.

For Weight Loss

Our shot of hCG, Lean, Lypo, MIC B12 could bring you closer to your body weight goals.

For Increased Immunity

Immune Boost, Tri-Immune, and Glutathione.